In June of 2016, 

I became a medical marijuana caregiver to a 3 year old girl with brain cancer. Her family was overwhelmed, but incredibly strong and determined to find the best and safest way to fight this rare diagnosis. We searched under every nook and cranny to learn about the legality, treatment and long-term benefits to using medical marijuana to treat cancer in such a little child. With her mother's perseverance and everyone's support we did everything we could to give this little girl the best chance at surviving and thriving. Her entire family worked tirelessly. Her young sisters, extended family, friends and neighbors and even her 88 year-old best bud came together to do everything and anything (like starting a hemp farm!) to help her through this tough time.  Doctors, friends and family who never would have imagined medical marijuana as an effective and safe treatment were now reading research and quickly getting on board. This beautiful girl just celebrated her 5th birthday and began preschool! She continues to beat her cancer to this day!

Over these last few years I have had to elevate my understanding of how cannabinoids works and how to  apply this understanding to this, and other situations. As people learned about her amazing recovery they began to ask about whether this may help with their ailments. This continues to drive my search for more information and drives me to advocate and support those leading us in the field of medical marijuana. Finding and understanding the information was a long road of sorting through relevant facts and contrasting contradicting opinions. Although the science is still in its infancy there is new information emerging constantly from studies around the world.  Staying in the know is not only important - it's become a personal mission. You can see Alaya's story here and you can support her ongoing recovery here.

This is my attempt at summarizing my journey so far. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be. I am not making assertions about cannabis curing cancer. I am merely sharing my opinions, experiences and my interest based on what I have found in numerous published studies, intensive courses, webinars, live seminars and through getting my hands dirty. This is my attempt at making your search easier than mine was. We wish you health and happiness in your journey!



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