Elevated State VT CBD MCT Oil Orange Vanilla


About Elevated State
Elevated State VT began as a hemp-growing project in Stowe hollow Vermont to supplement the cannabinoid needs of a medical marijuana patient. The Hemp was turned into beneficial therapeutic supplements for her treatment. Those therapeutic recipes were eventually re-worked to be products available to anyone and a business was formed. It wasn’t long after that that Elevated State VT found its home as a storefront at 407 Mountain Road in Stowe, Vermont.

Elevated State VT CBD infused MCT oil. The best CBD oil tincture we make. We grew the hemp in Hinesburg with love. Harvested with love. Dried it with love and entrusted MP labs out of Colchester Vermont to extract our hemp, with love. Elevated State VTs oil has been tested at NSL labs in Middlesex Vermont and labeled for sale in Stowe. Our oil tastes great and works extremely well too. We didn’t just add flavor for taste. Sweet orange oil and vanilla oil are relaxing, calming oils that together, taste a bit like bliss!

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