Tasha's Treats

Tasha's Treats


Our treats come in four delicious flavors, Spinach & Parsley, Sweet Potato & Beet, Pumpkin & Turmeric and Charcoal & Mint (for those with stinky breath :)

Each treat is handmade with the highest quality natural ingredients so that your dog can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD hemp. Our treats are vegetarian, gluten-free and made from primarily organic ingredients. They are colored using herbs, spices and vegetables that add even more health benefits for your dog.

Benefits of CBD for your pet can include alleviating anxiety, reduced inflammation and pain, strengthening injured bones or even battling cancer. Our dog has undergone two major knee surgeries and we have personally experienced the incredible healing benefits of CBD in speeding healing time, increased bone recovery and growth as well as pain and inflammation reduction.

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Ingredients: Brown rice flour, flaxseed meal*, gluten free oats, hemp seed hearts, coconut oil*, sweet potato*, pumpkin*, green beans*, red beets*, banana*, spinach*, parsley*, eggs*, mint*, whole hemp flowers*, activated charcoal, turmeric*, honey*, citric acid, baking powder, cinnamon*, vitamin E, rosemary oil (* indicates organic ingredients)